The HR Management MBA

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Dubai Courses 17.03.2019 28.03.2019 3,950 $ Inquire now Register
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New business requirements, new innovations and new International HR models make it essential for HR to be in strategic harmony with the business. No longer a burdensome cost, HR has a new role to play. The new structure for future HR departments will mean a massive re think of how HR contributes to the business and how its value is measured.
This innovative and dynamic new programme will cover all the latest thinking and the new models for Strategic HR.
In today’s world HR managers are faced with increasingly complex responsibilities. In order to meet this challenge they must be continually sharpening their management skills. This new programme will focus on the management and leadership skills necessary for success in today’s fast changing business environment. In this programme you will learn how to:
  • Manage and motivate people more effectively
  • Create and harness the power of high performance teams
  • Understand and effectively utilize strategic planning techniques
  • Negotiate for positive results
  • Utilize the Baldrige performance criteria as a standard of excellence and benchmark for your organization
  • Get right up to date with international HR and current thinking
  • Have a unique opportunity to sample a number of new HR measurement tools
  • Master HR strategic thinking using an A-Z approach
  • Be able to improve organizational by adopting a new approach to performance appraisal
  • Senior Human Resource staff who wish a future HR management position
  • Existing HR Managers who wish to gain a valuable qualification
  • HR Managers who have an interest in performance improvement through people
  • Senior Managers who want to see the value that HR can add to an organization
  • Senior staff wishing to see how new pay and benefits systems can change productivity
  • Employees wishing to pursue a senior career in Human Resources


  • Consider methods for improving management performance
  • Gain insights into the successful implementation of teams
  • Study the techniques of strategic planning
  • Develop their skills in the area of negotiating
  • Analyze the Baldrige award criteria for excellence
  • Examine the application of management best practices
  • See the new HR framework and understand the structural changes needed
  • Use the new HR maturity model to measure existing position and develop strategies for the future
  • Understand and use strategic models and implementation processes to deliver future based results (this includes a new complete end to end strategic model)
  • Understand and be able to use a corporate culture programme to change organizational culture
  • Learn how existing appraisal systems can be changed to produce measurable performance and competency results
  • Understand and be able to use creativity methods for improving HR performance
  • New approaches to pay and benefits
  • Explore knowledge management and the role of emotional intelligence for tomorrows organization
  • Create added value - beyond key indicators