Task Leadership Skills

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Demands for building skills of effective managers and leaders in today’s current business environment are more prevalent than ever before, but a person can only become more effective if they have a high level of self confidence and skills in leadership of people and tasks. These types of management and leadership principles and skills do not come naturally. A person learns and develops skills in these areas through a never ending process of self-study, education, training and experience. Building task leadership skills and practicing self confidence is an effective exercise a leader and manager should complete to sharpen the ability to carry out responsibilities and successfully accomplish goals.
The purpose of this comprehensive course is to present a program to assist persons in developing their skill in self confidence and building skill in task leadership with others.Leading with Confidence, is a course which will impact on a person’s business success and increase one’s credibility in dealing with others. The second module, Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines, presents a focus on the use of productive leadership practices in completing and prioritizing tasks. Both modules provide practical skills to take to the job, along with insights needed to adapt principles to specific work environments. The modules can be taken together or individually as a participant needs.


  • Understand and develop skills necessary to get assigned work completed on time
  • Learn to project confidence and credibility to colleagues
  • Speak to groups in a way that will inspire and motivate
  • Use basic planning project tools to plan work strategy
  • Develop strategic management techniques to implement change
  • Demonstrate how to speak with passion and confidence
  • Demonstrate proper communications in task management
  • Understand personal work style and how to work interdependently with others
  • Observe a dramatic increase in a personal level of self confidence
  • Understand the characteristics of colleagues who assist in our work assignments
  • Learn to say NO with confidence
  • Develop positive interpersonal techniques for better management of our work
  • Use basic management knowledge and skills to manage stakeholders
  • Manage change which results from innovation and improvements
  • Learn to design a message that is delivered assertively in meetings
  • Get people to be involved in and buy into ideas