Simplification of Work Procedures

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All business activities are governed by work procedures. Much effort is spent on looking at how to establish and carry out procedures, and, while this is important, it sometimes overshadows the importance of effectively capturing and documenting the optimum method of carrying out the procedure.
This practical course shows how to design, develop, manage, control, implement and monitor work procedures and associated Management System documents such as work instructions, forms, labels and tags. It will also shows how to analyse and simplify procedures.


  • Explain the purpose and advantages of a documented Management System.
  • Explain a typical Management System documentation structure.
  • Provide an understanding of how management documentation (policies, procedures, work instructions etc) are developed.
  • Consider who needs to be involved in the process of developing such documentation.
  • Explain the sections in each type of document, and the purpose and content of each section.
  • Show how to write clearly each type of document, with specific emphasis on procedures.
  • Show how to use process flowcharts in procedure writing.
  • Explain how to analyse process flow charts with the aim of simplifying the procedure.