Project, Contract, Procurement

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361 Course: Financial Management for Projects & Contracts More details
362 Course: Project Management for Supply Chain Professionals More details
364 Course: Cost Estimating Skills More details
365 Course: Strategic sourcing & Spend analysis More details
348 Course: Effective Purchasing and Contract Negotiation Strategies More details
349 Course: Logistics & Transportation Management More details
363 Course: The Total Quality Management in procurement and Warehouse More details
351 Course: Project Leadership More details
352 Course: Purchasing Management Masterclass More details
353 Course: Sales & Marketing Strategies More details
354 Course: The 5-day Contract Professional More details
355 Course: The Contracts & Project MBA More details
356 Course: The Contracts & Purchasing Management More details
357 Course: Contractual Risk, Insurance and Indemnities More details
358 Course: The Project Professional MBA More details
267 Course: Procurement and Supply Chain Management Best Practices More details
268 Course: Negotiating & Dispute Resolutions More details
269 Course: Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines More details
270 Course: Project Risk Management & Compliance More details
271 Course: Managing Tenders, Specifications & Contracts More details
272 Course: Mastering Contracts Management More details
273 Course: Agile Project Management More details
274 Course: Advanced Contracts Management More details
275 Course: The Essentials of Contracting More details
276 Course: Purchasing Techniques, Negotiating & Cost Reduction More details
277 Course: Project Scheduling and Planning Skills: Planning for Performance Excellence - I More details
278 Course: Contract Excellence for Non-Legal Professionals More details
279 Course: Supply Chain: Concept, Solution & Application More details
280 Course: Construction Contracts Master Class More details
281 Course: Tendering Procedures and Bid Evaluation More details
282 Course: Project Scope and Requirements Management More details
283 Course: The 5-day Project Professional MBA More details
284 Course: Contract Cost and Price Analysis More details
285 Course: International Trade & Shipping More details
286 Course: The Complete Course on Contracts Management More details
287 Course: Green Supply Chains More details
288 Course: Effective Purchasing, Tendering & Supplier Selection More details
289 Course: Logistics & Supply Chain Management More details
290 Course: Resolving Contractual Claims and Disputes More details
291 Course: The Contracts & Purchasing Masterclass More details
292 Course: Earned Value Management for Project Performance Measurement More details
293 Course: The Strategic Buyer MBA More details
294 Course: Advanced Project Management More details
295 Course: Logistics & Transport Management More details
296 Course: Project Leadership in Action: Power, Influence, Politics and Negotiations More details
297 Course: Sales and Operations Planning ? Integrating the Business More details
298 Course: Managing Vendor Qualification, Performance & Contract Compliance More details
299 Course: Contract Risk Management & Compliance More details
300 Course: Inventory and Stock Control Management More details
301 Course: The Strategic Buyer More details
302 Course: Supply Chain Risk Management More details
303 Course: Excellence in Warehouse and Inventory: Best Practices for Managing & Improving Warehouse, Inventory and Stock Control Operations More details
304 Course: International Contracting More details
305 Course: Effective Project Management More details
306 Course: Contracts: Reading, Writing and Negotiating More details
307 Course: Contract Drafting for Procurement, Tendering & Commissioning More details
308 Course: Warehouse and Stores Management More details
309 Course: Negotiating Contracts Effectively More details
310 Course: Advanced Contracts & Project Management More details
311 Course: Project Management, Scheduling & Compliance: Planning, Scheduling & Control More details
312 Course: The Complete Course on Contracts & Purchasing Management More details
313 Course: Tendering, Procurement and Negotiation Skills More details
314 Course: Contract Management and Tendering More details
315 Course: Advanced Contracts & Purchasing Management More details
316 Course: Project Cost Estimating Skills: Planning for Performance Excellence - II More details
317 Course: The Complete Course on Purchasing Management More details
318 Course: Procurement Best Practices More details
319 Course: Introduction to Business Contracts: A Practical Guide More details
320 Course: Contracts Administration More details
321 Course: Understanding Commercial Contracts Workshop More details
322 Course: Professional Purchasing Skills More details
323 Course: The Essentials of Contracting & Contract Negotiation More details
324 Course: A Practical Guide to Successful Pricing Strategies More details
325 Course: International Trade Law Practice Under WTO More details
326 Course: Advanced Procurement Skills More details
327 Course: Contract Preparation and Management More details
328 Course: Management of Contracts & Contract Claims More details
329 Course: The 3 Phases of Contract Management More details
330 Course: Category Management in Procurement More details
331 Course: Warehouse Management: Strategy, Implementation & Control More details
332 Course: Managing & Negotiating with Consultants & Contractors: Selecting, Developing & Working with Suppliers More details
333 Course: Contracts Administration: From Award to Completion More details
334 Course: The Complete Course on Contracts & Project Management More details
335 Course: Effective Global Procurement More details
336 Course: Mastering Contract Management and Claims Mitigation More details
337 Course: Advanced Purchasing Management More details
338 Course: Production, Planning, Scheduling and Control More details
339 Course: Value Engineering Skills: Planning for Performance Excellence - III More details
340 Course: Project Planning, Scheduling and Cost Estimating Skills More details
341 Course: Negotiating, Drafting & Understanding Contracts More details
342 Course: Contract Administration: Understanding and Implementing Contractual Obligations More details
343 Course: Project Management: Tools and Techniques More details
344 Course: Strategic Purchasing & Supply Management More details
345 Course: The Contracts & Project Management More details
346 Course: The Complete Course on Project Management More details
347 Course: Planning Projects for Performance Excellence More details
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