Preparing Budgets

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Budgets are an essential financial tool, which aid, planning, decision making, resource allocation, co-ordination and control.
Without the necessary skills Budgets can be badly prepared and/or implemented leading to poor decisions, mid-use of vital resources, poor co-ordination and a lack of control or even too much control resulting in missed opportunities.
This programme provides participants with the skills necessary for the effective preparation and implementation of budgets including the:
  • Sales Budgets
  • Production Budgets
  • Cash Budgets
  • Capital Budgets and
  • Master Budget


  • Develop the skills to Plan Budgets within a sound Strategic Plan
  • Develop the skills to Prepare Budgets using:
    • Appropriate Forecasting Techniques including Time Series Models,
    • Exponential Smoothing, Regression and Correlation Analysis and
    • Costing Methods such as Activity Based Costing
  • Develop the skills to effectively implement Budgets by:
  • Becoming aware of the problems/limitations of budgets and the conditions required for their success
  • Integrating the budgeting process with the development of the company’s long-term strategic vision