Oil and Gas Laboratory Operations Management

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An Oil and Gas production laboratory is a vital component in maintaining control of field operations. It is important that managers; technicians; chemists and others have a good understanding of the abilities and limitations of a field laboratory so that they can better use the laboratory and its staff to control and optimise the oilfield process. A production laboratory contributes to the operation in the following ways:
  • Measurement and reporting of vital data
  • Compliance with legislative criteria
  • Provides early warning of potential plant problems
  • Control and optimisation of the injection of oilfield chemicals
  • First line analysis and identification of unknown substances / deposits
  • Determination of product quality and fiscal measurements
This programme will explain to delegates:
  • What happens within an oil and gas field laboratory and why this is important to a successful oilfield operation
  • How to efficiently run such a laboratory
  • How to produce accurate and reliable results
  • How the laboratory contributes to the safe and efficient operation of plant and equipment
  • How to calculate chemical injection rates
  • Fiscal responsibilities during custody transfer
  • Laboratory Quality Management
  • How to use the laboratory for problem solving
  • Graduates wishing to pursue a career in the Oil and Gas industry
  • Laboratory Technicians/Chemists
  • Production Operators
  • Production Supervisors
  • Installation Managers
  • Barge Masters
  • Asset Managers


  • To better understand the function, importance and operation of oil and gas laboratories
  • To understand how to optimise the day to day operation of the oil and gas laboratory
  • To gain an insight into how Quality Management is important within and Oil and Gas Laboratory
  • To understand how the results obtained from the laboratory can enhance the operation of the process system and contribute to the integrity of plant and equipment
  • To understand how process chemicals function and how to utilise them effectively
  • To understand how metering systems operate and how laboratory data contributes to accurate metering and tanker loading (custody transfer).