Contract Cost and Price Analysis

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Obtaining fair and reasonable pricing from contractors and suppliers is a primary objective for all businesses and governments.  Evaluating prices through Cost and Price analysis are essential skill sets in meeting these objectives Those involved in these activities understand well the significant challenges in this ever changing business environment and also that there exist significant opportunities for improvement by providing best practice competencies to all those involved in contract and procurement activities.  Attending this programme will provide insight into:
  • Managing Cost and Prices in Volatile Market Conditions
  • Obtaining Better Pricing for the Original Contracts and Changes
  • Understanding the Methods Contractors use for Pricing
  • Understanding the Elements of Price that Make up the Price
  • Contract Managers, Contract Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Contract Administrators, Project Managers and Engineers, Tenders Managers
  • Buyers, Purchasing Managers, Procurement Managers
  • Engineering, Contract Holders, Construction Managers
  • Maintenance Mangers and Systems Managers and all others in organizations whose leadership want world-class skills sets in those involved in contracts for the procurement of goods, equipment, construction, and service
  • The programme is a great way to develop those new to contracts, prepare for a major project, or useful as a refresher for veterans


  • The Importance Of Price/Cost Analysis In Continuous Improvement Programmes
  • The Difference Between Price And Cost Analysis
  • Criteria For Selecting The Analysis Type
  • Methods Of Price Analysis
  • Knowledge of Supplier Strategic Alliances
  • Analytical Tools for Cost Drivers
  • Methods Of Cost Analysis
  • Development Of "Should Cost"
  • Types Of TCO Models