Advanced Contracts Management

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In every organization the effective expenditure of enormous sums of money and resources is dependent on successful contract management activities. Selecting the appropriate contracting models and creating and managing formal agreements with suppliers of goods and services requires not only a complete understanding of the business requirements and organization needs, but also depends on keeping up-to-date on contracting. This programme is designed to:
  • Explore the advanced practices generally viewed as leading to World-Class performance in contract selection, development and management
  • Enable participants to determine where they are now
  • Help participants to begin immediate implementation of the steps needed to create maximum total value for their organisation
This intensive 5-day programme is suitable for personnel from all industrial fields and different purchasing methods:
  • Engineering
  • Projects
  • Construction
  • Tenders
  • Contracts
  • Buying
  • Purchasing
  • Procurement
  • Commercial
  • Finance
Those new to the function, preparing for a major project, or experienced managers looking for a refresher will also benefit from this programme.


  • Be more effective in contract management activities
  • Select appropriate type and form of contracts for different situations
  • Anticipate problems and manage risks
  • Integrate contract management with contract needs
  • Understand the best means of handling disputes and performance issues
  • Establish terms and conditions for different situations
  • Have the latest advances in contract selection and management