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Overview of BSC’s Advanced Cash Flow & Working Capital Management Course

cash flow management course

Overview of BSC’s Advanced Cash Flow & Working Capital Management Course

For Financial and Accounting professionals, BSC’s Advanced Cash Flow & Working Capital Management Course is something that they can look forward to.

BSC or BS Training Center has been in the industry since 1996 – we have been operating internationally in KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Beirut, Damascus, Cairo, Kuala Lumpur, London, GCC, and Dubai. We have professional trainers who can help our trainees be equipped with all the kind of information and knowledge they need, which can help in their field and career.

As a provider of accounting training in Dubai, we make sure that all professionals who trusted us by giving them high-quality training will be able to learn so much from all the courses we’re offering.

In fact, on September 9 – 13, 2018, we’re going to open our doors and give Advanced Cash Flow & Working Capital Management Course to all financial and accounting professionals.

This course is solely about how an effective management of cash flow can become a crucial aspect of an enterprises’ success. The real value of cash flow will be discussed in this course. The seminar will cover all the basic and complex principles, techniques, and skills that a professional must know in order to apply this in a real-world setting.

The course’s objectives include:

  • Being able to understand the fundamentals of an effective cash flow management.
  • Having the practical experience of how one can manage the cash flow and optimize it to the level of the capital like how it’s done in real life situations.
  • Enhancement of one’s financial skill levels.
  • Development of one’s confidence regarding his or her financial performance.
  • Learning numerous technical skills that can help in achieving better business decisions.

Who are the rightful candidates in this course?

People who work in the Finance, Accounting, Financial Control, Treasury, Cash/Cash Flow Management, and Supply Chain industries.

This course will basically give impact on both the trainee and the organization through:

  • Being able to understand better all the concepts of finance that is related to the business; hence, use it to the organization’s advantage.
  • Being able to plan effectively regarding the budget and plan cash of a working capital
  • Being able to incorporate the techniques in how they can manage the cash flow of a business.


Indeed, our financial accounting course can help so much in an individual’s understanding of cash flow and management. If you are interested in attending our seminar, contact us immediately and we’ll accommodate all your needs.